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Participants are encouraged to propose a session before the conference begins and come prepared to lead it! To propose a session, click on the POSTS link in the left-hand menu and post your proposal. More instructions are available at the proposals page. It really is just as easy as posting a comment on a blog.

Questions? Contact Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian at the John Cotton Dana Library at kwhite2 [at] rutgers [dot] edu.

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  1. Here I am, proposing a session for some time in the day. One of other participants said he wanted to learn some coding. This is a skill I’ve been wanting to develop for a while. The learning curve seems daunting to me, which is why I haven’t done it before. Soooo….

    I saw these tools for teaching kids to code and thought it would be a low-stakes, low-pressure way to get started. I haven’t checked them out and don’t know how effective they’ll be, but I think it’s worth a try.

    We’ll decide on the day of the event when to do this and how long we want to spend doing it. Bring a laptop if you’ve got one – I’m arranging for guest internet access for folks who are not affiliated with Rutgers.

    Who else has ideas for sessions?

  2. Given that the topic of this THATCamp is Collaboration, I’d be interested in a discussion about how university-based scholars can collaborate with community and public organizations. How do we connect? How do we make sure that scholars don’t dominate? How can we assess these collaborations? What happens if they fail–or succeed?

    If that’s too broad, I’d also be interested in a more focused conversation specifically related to scholarly collaboration with public history organizations, like museums, historical societies, parks, etc.. The same questions would apply, but the conversation could be more focused. Perhaps a goal would be to create a shared document about organizations and scholars who would be interested in working together or a “how to guide” for collaboration.

    Thanks and looking forward to it!

    Mary Rizzo

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