I created a map of the event site, to make getting here easier.

How to Get to RU-N by Train

To travel to Newark by rail, you can take any NJT train that goes to Newark Penn Station. Then you can catch the light rail going to Grove St..

    • Get off at the Washington St. Station (2 stops up). Get off the train and take the stairs to the left.
    • At the top of the stairs, keep walking. The first street you come across is University Avenue. You can either cross at this point, or turn right and walk one and-a-half LONG blocks to the paved crosswalk on University Avenue and cross there. Go through the Rutgers Newark arch and up the stairs across from the paved crosswalk.
    • At the top of the stairs you will be looking at the Dana Library. You want to get to the other side of the library building by bearing left. Once on the other side of the library, you will see the Robeson Campus Center directly opposite.
    • Enter the center front doors and cross the lobby to the stair case. Take the stairs to the second floor, and exit through the door on the right.
    • Turn to your right and, when you reach the T-intersection, turn left. Take the left turn at the end of the hall.
    • Proceed through the lounge area with Gail Mitchell’s art quilt exhibit (FABULOUS), “One Stitcher’s Stories.” Enter the hall past the exhibit. The Bergen Room, room 256, will be across the hall and slightly to your left.

Where to Park if You Are Driving
If you are a Guest to Rutgers Newark, find Parking Deck I on our Eateries map. Parking for non-Rutgers guests and RU students is $12.00.

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